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Piper Lawson, USA Today bestselling author

PREORDER Hard to Take (Denver Kodiaks Book 2) eBook

PREORDER Hard to Take (Denver Kodiaks Book 2) eBook

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Please note that this book will not be sent until the release date, August 20, 2024. 


My fake boyfriend is now…my new roommate?

Miles Garrett, pro basketball player and star of every one of my fantasies, has decided I’m moving in with him. 

My brother’s teammate has always protected me out of loyalty. He makes me feel like everything will be okay even when my life is on fire.

But when he looks at me, I wonder what it would be like if he was truly mine. If I had the dream life and dream job and the dream guy.

Did I mention we can’t keep our hands off each other?

I hoped the proximity would get him out of my system. Turns out sharing a bedroom wall changes hungry looks and brushes in the hall into sweaty sessions and late-night confessions.

Miles keeps my secrets and sees me like no one else.

Too bad the playoffs are coming up and my brother doesn’t know.

The truth is going to be hard to take.

Hard to Take is a pro basketball romance with banter, spice, and all the swoony vibes! It’s the second book in the Denver Kodiaks series. Miles and Brooke’s addictive story begins in Hard to Fake and concludes in Hard to Break.


  • teammate’s little sister
  • brother’s best friend
  • fake dating
  • pro athlete hero
  • cinnamon roll hero
  • he’d do anything for her
  • sassy heroine
  • college crush
  • only one bed

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  1. Game Changer
  2. Shot Taker
  3. Play Maker
  4. Game Day


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