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Piper Lawson, USA Today bestselling author

British Billionaire Romance eBook Bundle

British Billionaire Romance eBook Bundle

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I sold my soul to a man I hate. Now, he owns me.

I had a plan: Sign a contract and board a plane to Ibiza. The anonymous deal would salvage the smoldering wreckage of my life.

It would not involve billionaire Harrison King, the reason I need saving in the first place.

He’s as beautiful as he is cruel. A British business titan who’s practically royalty and makes a living getting what he wants.

The man flies private. Dates supermodels. But the crisp accent and cocky smirk don’t fool me. He’s a gentleman on the outside, a savage beneath. Dangerous, rough and brutal.

Because after my attempt to publicly stand up for those who needed it...

He destroyed my reputation.

Now, he’s come for the rest of me.

I can’t back out. No matter what he has in store for me.

Harrison King knows my secrets...

But kings keep secrets too.



I swore I’d cut Harrison King out of my life, and my bed, forever.

The second my contract with the ruthless billionaire who owned me was up…

I ran.

Not knowing that decision would only twist the web around us tighter.

Now, he’s back, and the sins of his past threaten to destroy us both.

He still thirsts for power and vengeance. But his secrets run deeper than I knew.

This time, he wants me to stand by his side.

This time, he’s asking.



She gave me the one thing I couldn’t take.

Her heart.

When the villains of our past threaten to destroy my pledge to Reagan, we have one narrow chance at saving our future.

All the money and power in the world mean nothing without the woman I love.

So I will fight to my last breath for her. For us.

To glorious victory...

Or beautiful ruin.



He wanted to punish me. I wanted to hate him.

Until I didn’t.

Trapped in a corner, my only way out was the ruthless billionaire who put me there.

But we healed each other.

We’ve done things in the dark that we’re not proud of, things that will forever be kept secret from the world.

Those sins forged a bond as strong as the love that binds us together.

He’s my king, and I’m his queen.

He’s my freedom, and I’m his salvation.

Now, we have a chance at forever. And nothing will steal it from us.

Look inside Chapter 1

Harrison fucking King.

The man himself appears on the catwalk in one of the VIP booths, wearing tailored pants the color of sandy beaches and a white button-down shirt that skims his broad shoulders and muscled chest.

Every inch of his form screams wealth and privilege. His hair is perfectly trimmed, the dull burnished gold darkened to a warm brown in the low lights of the club.

A strong, straight nose and square jaw compete for attention with his firm lips.

He must have a decade on me but looks as if he could make the Olympic swim team without breaking a sweat.

Our first and only confrontation is forever imprinted in my memory. When I approached the billionaire stranger at the wedding reception of two musicians who are mutual friends, I had been riding high on righteous anger. Anger I’d kept in check during the actual wedding—to spare my friends—and unleashed soon after with the help of a few drinks.

I don’t make a habit of hating people, but this man makes me rethink that stance.

“What the hell is going on?” I demand.

Electric blue eyes, not unlike the neon sign outside, bore into me.

“You signed a contract to play my club.”

He starts toward the stairs, taking them with leisurely strides until he reaches the main floor.

“It wasn’t yours when I signed the contract.” I would have noticed if his company, Echo Entertainment, had been on the documents.

“Not my problem you can’t keep up with the industry.”

The staff behind the bar have snapped to attention. They didn’t look up when I arrived, but now, they’re hustling to wipe imaginary spots off the surface while sneaking furtive looks at the man before me.

Harrison crosses to us, stopping in front of the stage. His shirt is open at the collar to expose a tan throat, the muscles flexing lightly. His mouth curves to reveal a smile as perfect as it is cold.

I whirl to face Leni, who lifts a shoulder as if anticipating my accusation.

“Listen…” she starts.

“Leni.” He holds up a hand, cuts her off without so much as a word.

Arrogant prick.

I slam the cover of my notebook and slide it in my bag before shouldering it. “I’m not playing your club,” I toss at the man in front of the stage. “Not tonight, not ever.”

I stalk down the steps and head across the dance floor.

I make it across the club, then yank on the door.

It doesn’t open.

Desperation rises up the second I feel him at my back.

“I’m disappointed.” That smooth voice is inches from my ear, close enough his breath tickles my skin. “I’ve been anticipating this since our first meeting.”

I spin around, my nostrils flaring as I stare up at his infuriatingly gorgeous face.

How could I have mistaken the man at the airport for Harrison King?

No man on earth has his intensity, his charisma.

“A woman was assaulted at my gig in LA,” I bite out, angry with both of us now. “My gig at your club. Your booking agent didn’t give a shit. No one at corporate returned my calls demanding an explanation. When I finally got to you, you didn’t give a shit either.”

“When you confronted me about it at a mutual friend’s wedding, you mean.”

He says that like it matters.

“If you think I have time to personally care for everyone who sets foot in a building with my name on the deed,” he goes on, “you underestimate the size of my empire.”

I lift my chin. “If you can’t protect the people you serve, you have no right to one.”

His throat bobs, a flicker of surprise flitting through his eyes.

Even kings have vulnerabilities.

I try the door again, realizing the lock is on. After turning it, I yank the door open, grab my bag, and run past the confused security guard on the other side.

In the parking lot, I’m breathing heavily as I pull out my phone to call Toro. I need to get out of here—out of this man’s presence. At my resort, I can figure out what the hell to do next.

A ringtone sounds, but the call breaks before Toro answers.


I scan my surroundings, my gaze landing on the busy road.

“You have an exceedingly low opinion of me,” King calls from behind me as I head for the street, searching the horizon for a cab.

“I’m surprised you care what my opinion is.”

His expression flickers with emotions I can’t read before he slips into aristocratic arrogance once again. A resting asshole face if I ever saw one.

I trust your attorneys looked at the terms for failure to fulfill your contractual obligations,” he goes on.

The wind blows my fallen hair into my face, and I set my bag down at my feet to shove it back with vicious hands.

“Thanks to you,” he drawls, “one of my top-performing venues became the worst overnight. You will recover what you cost me. For the next month, I own you. If you try to leave, I will sue you for every dollar you own. I will take your computer“—he picks up the bag at my feet, and I tense—“your music. Every scrap of clothing in your wardrobe and on your body.”

Each word lands on my chest like a brick.

Breathing is hard. We’re outside, but it’s as if the greedy asshole has consumed all the oxygen.

“What. No response?” he chides softly.

I’m usually the type to rebel with silent resistance, but I refuse to go down without a fight. There are too many bullies in this world.

“If it takes litigation to get a woman naked…” I snatch my bag from his hands. “Your game needs work.”

His mouth twists in disbelief.

Before he can respond, the horn of a car honks and a cab pulls over to the side of the road.

I reach for the back door of the car, my heart still thudding.

“If you try to leave, I will sue you for every dollar you own. I will take your computer. Your music. Every scrap of clothing in your wardrobe and on your body.”

Even as the car pulls away from him, I can’t kick the sickening possibility he’s right.

For the next month…

The man who ruined me owns me.

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I sold my soul to a man I hate. Now, he owns me.
A British billionaire with a vendetta.
A young DJ he's obsessed with.
Get swept away in the designer luxury, Ibiza beaches, and sexy encounters of ENEMIES!





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