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Piper Lawson, USA Today bestselling author

Play Maker (King of the Court Book 3) eBook

Play Maker (King of the Court Book 3) eBook

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I chose a championship over love. 

When Nova smashed her way into my hardened heart, she showed me there’s more to life than basketball. 

She taught me patience and forgiveness. With her help, my Kodiak teammates became brothers instead of rivals. For the first time, I cared about more than a game.

But one mistake sent me crashing from all-star to rock bottom.

Broken inside and out, there’s no one to blame but myself. 

I won’t let the people I love suffer for my mistakes, on or off the court. I’ll win back the brothers who trusted me, the city that backed me, and the woman I don’t want to live without.

One last shot. One last chance. 

Countdown's on, and I’m playing for keeps.

Play Maker is the third and final book in the King of the Court series. Clay and Nova’s steamy, addictive grumpy sunshine sports romance begins in Game Changer and continues in Shot Taker.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

Could NOT stop reading and each book end, required a download of the next. Loved it!


Oh man do I hate when something wonderful ends, but man Piper sure does know how to end them!!!

What can I say that hasn’t already been say about these Pink and her Grumpy Baller? One thing is for sure they have seriously come into their own by the end of it all!

Piper hitter out of the park with again Play Maker finishing off these two’s love story. It won’t be Clay and Nova if they didn’t have a few bumps a long the way to their happy ever after. So if you want to go for that ride, with a lot a laughter and few tears and maybe a little hate for a couple of characters. Then read it! And enjoy! And if you are a Piper Lawson fan, there are a few surprise guests to make an appearances!!!