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Piper Lawson, USA Today bestselling author

Ultimate Rockstar Romance Paperback Bundle

Ultimate Rockstar Romance Paperback Bundle

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Fall in love with two full series from a Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestselling romance author with over 1 million books sold!

“You’re shivering.” Jax crosses to the couch, and when his gaze drops to my bare arms, his smirk vanishes. 

“It’s fine.”

“Where’s your jacket?”

I swallow. “I lost it.”

When I risked my ass for this job, I don't say.

But it must be my birthday because he’s reaching for the hem of his sweatshirt.

Jax strips it over his head and I catch a glimpse of rippling back muscles, the tattoos over his arm and across his shoulder dancing along his smooth skin before the T-shirt falls back down.

The walls of the dressing room press inward. There’s not enough space for him, not to mention for me, for the hammering of my heart and the tightness in my throat.

My rockstar boss is so much hotter in real life than in the poster in my bedroom back home. 

He holds out the hoodie to me. 

“You’re loaning me your sweatshirt?” I'm startled by the intimacy of it.

“Keep it.” 

Before I can protest, he grabs a sharpie off a table across the room and scrawls something on the fabric. I lift my hands fast enough to catch the shirt he tosses at my head. “There. Now it’s personalized. You can’t give it back.”

My fingers dig into the soft fabric.

“Thank you.” I want to tell him I love it. Instead, I hold the sweater up by the shoulders. “I can’t see what you wrote.”

“Just as well.” I’m totally imagining the teasing note in his voice as he drops onto the couch next to me. 

“So?” Jax asks finally, his gaze dropping to the sweatshirt clutched in my hands. “You gonna put it on or just cuddle?”

The fabric bunches in my fingers. I don’t take my gaze from his as I shift on the couch, tugging his sweatshirt over my head.

I didn’t expect it to be warm and comforting, but more than that…

God it smells like him. It’s all fabric softener and man, and if fame had a scent I know it would be this.

I shove the hood back, resisting the temptation to fix my hair. 

“There,” he says, a hint of satisfaction in his voice as his amber eyes darken. “It’s like I’m touching you everywhere.”

Continue Reading Good Girl if you love:

  • Rich, famous rockstars
  • Smart, self-aware heroines
  • Grumpy heroes
  • Found family
  • Thrilling road trips

★★★★★ "Hot damn, this series is amazing. Funny, sweet, raw, emotional and freaking hot!" -Reviewer 

★★★★★ "Off the charts chemistry. The attraction and emotion pour from the pages." -Reviewer 



Famous rockstars. Thrilling road trips.

Fall in love with a deliciously forbidden romance.


✔️ Good Girl

✔️ Bad Girl

✔️ Wicked Girl

✔️ Forever Wicked

✔️ A Love Song for Liars

✔️ A Love Song for Rebels

✔️ A Love Song for Dreamers

✔️ A Love Song for Always 


★★★★★ "Holy crap. This series takes rock star romance to a whole new level. The attraction and emotion pour from the pages." -Reviewer 

★★★★★ "My new favorite series I will reread again and again! I couldn't put it down." -Reviewer


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